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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Setting up Lombok with SpringToolSuite and Intellij Idea

Lombok is a java library that you can plug into your editor which will automatically generate code in .class file instead of in source file.
E.g:  getters, setters toString, equals, hashcode, builder, loggers, and many others.

In this tutorial, I’ll talk about configuring it in two of the most popular IDEs- IntelliJ IDEA and Spring Tool Suite.

Check my Github repo to learn project Lombok using java source code.

Note: Step for installing the plugin for Eclipse and Spring tool Suite (STS) are the same.

Steps to configure Lombok in STS

  • Download Lombok jar from the Lombok site.
  • Double click on Lombok jar which will open below Installer wizard, Choose IDEs in which you want to install. If your not IDE is not listed then you can browse using Specify location tab.

  • Once selected, click on Install/update button and you are done.

Steps to configure Lombok in IntelliJ IDEA

  • Open IntelliJ Idea and click on File-> Settings…
  • Click on Plugin option and then search for Lombok
  • Click on the Install button on the plugin page

  • Once done with the installation, click on the restart IDE button.

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