Monday, May 30, 2011

Android Progress Dialog Example

In situations when you need to wait some operation it is good practice to notify user that operation is in progress.For this cases in Android present several classes which can help with this. One of them I am going to demonstrate.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a progress dialog to your Android application. A dialog is usually a small window or tab that appears before any activity in your application. It is intended to display alerts or information to the user. A progress dialog can be used to either show some processing activity to the user or to show the progress of some custom activity using the progress bar.

To create a Progress Dialog, we can make use of the ProgressDialog class which is an extension of the AlertDialog class. It can be used to display a standard progress dialog with a spinning wheel and some custom text. You can display your Progress Dialog using a simple show () call on your dialog object.

Here's the syntax to create a standard Progress dialog:
ProgressDialog MyDialog = MyActivity.this, "TITLE " , " Loading. Please wait ... ", true);
It has four parameters:
1. The application context
2. The title of the Dialog
3. The Dialog Text or Message which is displayed in the dialog
4. A boolean value indicating whether the progress is indeterminate

and to disapper the ProgressDialog you have to add dismiss() like this:

Now I will show how to use ProgressDialog class for showing progress dialog. I will show how to create progress dialog with title and without title.

With TItle:, "In progress", "Loading");

What if I you want to hide the title? just put empty string as title parameter., "", "Loading...");


//in the class...
private ProgressDialog progressBar;

//when you want the dialog to show the first time.
progressBar =, "Disconnecting", "Please wait for few secs...");

//when you want the progressbar to disappear
if (progressBar.isShowing()) {