Saturday, July 16, 2011

Android Interview Question

HI, these are the few Android questions that was asked during my interview and some basic questions too that you have to know before going to any interview, I am sharing with you guys. Hope It would help you in your interview too... 
It is impossible for me to give every and each answer over here,but yes if you are not getting any answer from anywhere then just let me know...:)

1) What is Android?

2) Features and Architecture of Android?

3) What is Android Market?

4) What is ADT, AVD, DVM, DDMS, Logcat?

5) Anatomy of an Android Application?

6) What are the basic Components in Android?

7) Describe the .apk format?

8) What is an action, resources.

9) How is nine-patch image different from a regular bitmap?

10) What are the dialog boxes that are supported in android? Explain.

11) What languages does Android support for application development?

12) What is the use of AndroidManifest.xml file in Android Application and the content too?

13) Difference between the android: versionCode and android: versionName Attributes in the AndroidManifest.xml file?

14) What is Activity, Intent, intent-filter ,stickyintent and PendingIntent ?

15) Life Cycle of an Activity?

16) How to Link Activities with Intents?

17) Difference between Toast and NotificationManager class?

18) Passing data to an Activity (Use of Bundle Object).

19) Which event is always called when you killed or sent an activity to background?(onPause() event)

20) View and ViewGroups.

21) What are all the ViewGroups supported by Android and the difference between them?

22) Screen Orientations(portrait and landscape) and techniques to handle changes in Orientation(Anchoring and Resizing and repositioning).

23) Units of Measurement (dp,sp,pt,px),160dp=1 inch

24) Difference between the dp and px unit?

25) Why is AbsoluteLayout not recommended for use?

26) Name the three events you can override to save an activity’s State.

27) Different types of menus supported by Android and the method name you need to override while implementing in your activity

28) Name the three basic ways of persisting data in your Android Application.

29) Sharing data in Android(Content Provider).

30) Difference between geocoding and reverse geocoding

31) What is Service?

32) How an activity and a service communicate?

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