Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Windows Command Prompt Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

1. Send a Command’s Output to the Clipboard
Note: This will work for any command.

Without doing copy and paste the output, We can send the output directly to the clipboard.
ipconfig | clip

2. Open Command Prompt From a Folder

Do you want to open the command promp within a folder from explorer ? All you have to do is hold shift while right  clicking on a folder and the option will appear in the context menu.

3. Command History
We can view our past command  i,e using doskey command.
doskey /history

4. Drag and Drop Files to Change the Current Path

Another neat trick if you are not a fan of opening a command prompt from the context menu is the ability to drag and drop folders onto the prompt and have it automatically enter the path of the folder.

5. Run Multiple Commands In One Go
Want to run multiple command at once?  You can do this by linking them with double ampersands.
ipconfig && netstat

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