Friday, June 10, 2011

Android Cloud to Device Messaging(C2DM):Project

Android Push application is an Android Application which is registers to the C2DM Server.It allows user to send and store contact,message,images,maps from the Server to your Device.
It uses a features Cloud to Device Messaging to deliver messages that actually pushes the messages to your device, therefore it saves much more battery and best of all,there is nothing you need to do to enable it.

The entire project(Android Cloud to Device Messaging) is mainly divided into three parts i,e the primary processes involves in this project are

     -Android Push Application
     - Cloud to Device Messaging framework.
     - Android Push server thats sends message via C2DM Server.

Overview of LifeCycle:

Check following URL too to know more about C2DM,Authorization Token And Third Party Application Server.

Some Screenshot:


You will get Notification when there is a new message

If the push data are Map,Image or Number,it will open on your device according to that

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